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SubjectRe: [PATCH] nokia n900: update dts with camera support

> > > Well, strobe property above already uses = <0>/<1> format, as do
> > > others.
> >
> > > Problem with "false = property does not exist" is that you don't know
> > > if it is "someone forgot to define it" or "someone made a typo" or
> > > "dts is too old to know about this property" or "the property indeed
> > > should be false"...
> >
> > As this is an established practice, I think we should follow it for bool
> > properties.
> Yes it's common practice, there is also device_property_read_bool()
> to get the value.
> > We could change the existing ones, too, and leave some extra checks in
> > place to handle old dtbs.
> The following should be downward compatible:
> var = read_bool();
> if (var && !read_int())
> var = false;
> Btw. DT people should be CC'd for DT binding additions/changes.

Ok, so for now we do crc=1 by default. Now we'd like to have crc
support configurable in the dts. But if we just introduce "crc;"
option, it will break old dts users. We could introduce "no-crc;" and
that would work in this particular case, but will break when we want
different defaults at different devices.

Anyway, introducing "no-crc;" seems pretty ugly to me. I'd rather do
"crc=<0>;", in a similar way we handle other options now.

Best regards,
(cesky, pictures)
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