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SubjectRe: [RFC v2 2/2] fs: Add VirtualBox guest shared folder (vboxsf) support
Please merge the files into a a lot fewer files - basically
one .c file and a header for the protocol probably is enough.

Also kill all kinds of weird tiny wrappers that just obsfucate the code,
and make sure linux-fsdevel is on Cc for your next submission.

Also don't use i_private, instead defined alloc_inode and destroy_inode
methods and use container_of.

> +/**
> + * @note Anyone wishing to make changes here might wish to take a look at
> + *
> + * which seems to be the closest there is to official documentation on
> + * writing filesystem drivers for Linux.
> + */

And drop comments like this which will create a lot more confusion than
actually helping.

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