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Subject[RFC v2 0/2] Add Virtual Box vboxguest and vboxsf guest drivers to the mainline kernel
Hi All,

Here is a 2nd RFC version of my cleaned up version of the
VirtualBox vboxguest and vboxsf guest drivers.

This time my cleanup is complete and the patches are ready for a
FULL review now.

This is still an RFC because VirtualBox upstream is considering making
some final ioctl ABI changes for the vboxguest chardev now that they
still can. As soon as I get the go ahead from them that the ioctl ABI
is stable I will send a non RFC version.

Here is (part of) the RFC v1 cover-letter which is still relevant:

I've removed all depenencies on vbox's OO-independent runtime and
the runtime itself, reducing the vboxguest driver from 100000+ lines
of code to aprox. 6500 and the vboxsf driver from 60000 lines to 4500.
This reduces the non debug vboxguest.ko size from 450kB to less then 100 kB.
I've also cleaned up various other warts such as doing hardware init in
module_init rather then in a pci_probe callback.

The vboxguest driver introduces a new userspace API + ABI in the form
of ioctls on a character device. VirtualBox upstream not willing to
commit to keeping this ABI stable was one of the things which has
kept this driver driver out of mainline sofar. I've been talking to
VirtualBox upstream about mainlining the guest drivers and VirtualBox
upstream has agreed to consider the userspace ABI stable and only
extend it in a backwards compatible manner.



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