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SubjectRe: kvm splat in mmu_spte_clear_track_bits
On 25/08/2017 15:14, Adam Borowski wrote:
>>> I would also try commit 1372324b328cd5dabaef5e345e37ad48c63df2a9 to
>>> identify whether it was caused by a KVM change in 4.13 or something
>>> else.
> I've ran different guests for a couple of hours, no explosions. Thus it
> looks like updating Cornelia's email address isn't the cause.
> Too bad, there's 15k commits between 1372324b and 7f680d7ec315.


- 4.12 works

- 1372324b328cd5dabaef5e345e37ad48c63df2a9 works

- 4.13-rc6 fails

The next ones to test are going to be
c136b84393d4e340e1b53fc7f737dd5827b19ee5 and 4.13-rc1.

This can be a starting point for bisection or pointing the finger at
someone else.

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