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SubjectRe: [RESEND PATCH 1/1] arm64: dts: Add Variscite DART-SD410 Evaluation board dts
Hi Leonid,

On Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 08:44:56PM +0300, Leonid Segal wrote:
> Thank you very much for the tips.
> I have updated the documentation and schematics of our web site.
> I also tried to implement all other fixes, but seems that I cannot file the git
> you are talking about.
> The patches i sent were done to:
> git://
> and there is no -next branch.
> I tried to check out the linaro git:
> there is a -next branch, but the USB section is in old format.
> I tried to complile the latest version from
> git://
> the usb there in new format, but nothing works (even LEDS) on Dragonboard too.
> So, I think I am missing something global on the way.
> If you can help me with it, I will appreciate it.

The linux-next tree is at [1]. Stephen Rothwell generates this tree on a daily
basis semi-automatically from subsystem maintainers branches that feed the
-next tree. Read more about it in the linux-next web page[2]. The branch that
feeds the arm64 changes is for-next/core[3]. See the full list in the
Next/Trees file in the -next tree.

Hope this helps,



[3] git://

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