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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7] sched/deadline: fix cpusets bandwidth accounting

On 24/08/17 09:53, Luca Abeni wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Aug 2017 13:47:13 -0600
> Mathieu Poirier <> wrote:
> > >> This is a renewed attempt at fixing a problem reported by Steve Rostedt [1]
> > >> where DL bandwidth accounting is not recomputed after CPUset and CPUhotplug
> > >> operations. When CPUhotplug and some CUPset manipulation take place root
> > >> domains are destroyed and new ones created, loosing at the same time DL
> > >> accounting pertaining to utilisation.
> > >
> > > Thanks for looking at this longstanding issue! I am just back from
> > > vacations; in the next days I'll try your patches.
> > > Do you have some kind of scripts for reproducing the issue
> > > automatically? (I see that in the original email Steven described how
> > > to reproduce it manually; I just wonder if anyone already scripted the
> > > test).
> >
> > I didn't bother scripting it since it is so easy to do. I'm eager to
> > see how things work out on your end.
> Ok, so I'll try to reproduce the issue manually as described in Steven's
> original email; I'll run some tests as soon as I finish with some stuff
> that accumulated during vacations.

I have to apologize myself, as I suspect I won't have much time to
properly review this set before LPC. :(
I'll try my best to have a look though.


> > Nonetheless the approach I
> > was contemplating was to repeat the current mathematics to all the
> > root domains accessible from a p->cpus_allowed's flag.
> I think in the original SCHED_DEADLINE design there should be only one
> root domain compatible with the task's affinity... If this does not
> happen, I suspect it is a bug (Juri, can you confirm?).
> My understanding is that with SCHED_DEADLINE cpusets should be used to
> partition the system's CPUs in disjoint sets (and I think there is one
> root domain for each one of those disjoint sets). And the task affinity
> mask should correspond with the CPUs composing the set in which the
> task is executing.

Correct. No overlapping cpusets are allowed, and a task's affinity can't
be restricted to a subset of the cpuset's root domain cpus.



- Juri

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