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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 1/4] i2c: add helpers to ease DMA handling
Hi Jonathan,

> I like the basic idea of this patch set a lot btw!


> Jonathan

Could you delete irrelevant parts of the message, please? I nearly
missed your other comment which would have been a great loss!

> I'm trying to get my head around whether this is a sufficient set of conditions
> for a dma safe buffer and I'm not sure it is.
> We go to a lot of effort with SPI buffers to ensure they are in their own cache
> lines. Do we not need to do the same here? The issue would be the
> classic case of embedding a buffer inside a larger structure which is on
> the stack. Need the magic of __cacheline_aligned to force it into it's
> own line for devices with dma-incoherent caches.
> DMA-API-HOWTO.txt (not read that for a while at it is a rather good
> at describing this stuff these days!)
> So that one is easy enough to check by checking if it is cache line aligned,
> but what do you do to know there is nothing much after it?

Thank you, really!

This patch series addressed all cases I have created, but I also
wondered if there are cases left which I missed. Now, also because you
mentioned cacheline alignments, the faint idea of "maybe it could be
fragile" became a strong "it is too fragile"! lib/dma-debug.c is >40KB
for a reason. I just rewrote this series...

> Not sure there is a way around this short of auditing i2c drivers to
> change any that do this.

... to do something like this, more precisely: an opt-in approach. I
introduce a new flag for i2c_msg, namely I2C_M_DMA_SAFE which can opt-in
DMA if we know the i2c_msg buffer is DMA safe. I finished a
proof-of-concept this evening and pushed it here:

git:// renesas/topic/i2c-core-dma-rfc-v4

I will test it on HW tomorrow and send it out, then. There are still
some bits missing, but for getting opinions, it should be good enough.

Thanks and kind regards,


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