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SubjectRE: [PATCH] ACPI/APEI: Add BERT data driver
> One thing I missed commenting on in the previous version -
> Have you thought of exposing the error records via /sys/firmware/acpi?
> The tables are already exposed there and as BERT is part of ACPI
> logically that's a better fit compared to a misc device.

That was my first thought :-)

But I got stuck on how to name things. The BERT entry appears in
/sys/firmware/acpi/tables/ ... but the code doesn't know anything special
about "BERT", it just iterates over all the tables and makes them all

I thought about making it /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/, but that
seemed very ugly (this file isn't a "table", so why does it appear in the
"tables" directory? So maybe /sys/firmware/acpi/table-data/BERT? Now
the driver has to make another directory.



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