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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kvm: x86: disable KVM_FAST_MMIO_BUS
On 16/08/2017 14:07, Radim Krčmář wrote:
> 2017-08-16 13:22+0200, Paolo Bonzini:
>> Microsoft pointed out privately to me that KVM's handling of
>> KVM_FAST_MMIO_BUS is invalid. Using skip_emulation_instruction is invalid
>> in EPT misconfiguration vmexit handlers, because neither EPT violations
>> nor misconfigurations are listed in the manual among the VM exits that
>> set the VM-exit instruction length field.
>> While physical processors seem to set the field, this is not architectural
>> and is just a side effect of the implementation. I couldn't convince
>> myself of any condition on the exit qualification where VM-exit
>> instruction length "has" to be defined; there are no trap-like VM-exits
>> that can be repurposed; and fault-like VM-exits such as descriptor-table
>> exits provide no decoding information. So I don't really see any elegant
>> way to fix it except by disabling KVM_FAST_MMIO_BUS, which means virtio
>> 1 will go slower.
> Do you have some numbers?

Raw number from vmexit.flat on Haswell-EP:

mmio-no-eventfd:pci-mem 5793
mmio-wildcard-eventfd:pci-mem 1395
mmio-datamatch-eventfd:pci-mem 2268

So roughly 900 clock cycles. Most of the work is the four memory reads
done by x86_decode_insn, three to walk the page tables and one to fetch
the instruction.

> We could keep the ugliness in KVM and add a new skip function with
> emulate_instruction(vcpu, EMULTYPE_SKIP) to decode the length of the
> instruction. (Adding a condition just for EPT violation exit reason to
> the existing skip function would be a dirtier solution.)
> Slower than what we have now, but faster than full emulation.

This is actually a good idea, and not ugly at all! The main cost is
translating the physical address of the instruction and fetching the
bytes, so only 200 clock cycles are saved.

However, the eventfd is written before decoding, while full emulation
would write it after. So while VCPU thread latency is worse compared to
skip_emulated_instruction, latency to the iothread remains small.


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