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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] acpi: apei: fix the wrongly iterate generic error status block
Hello Tyler,
I have already updated a new version patch to adds this usage to cper_estatus_check(), please re-test.

Hello Boris,
The original macro of apei_estatus_for_each_section has two issues:
one is the iteration loop termination condition; another is the iteration steps. please review it.

On 2017/8/16 7:26, Baicar, Tyler wrote:
> On 8/15/2017 3:34 PM, gengdongjiu wrote:
>> Hi Tyler ,
>>> Hello Boris,
>>> His patch fixes the define for apei_estatus_for_each_section which in turn
>>> should fix ghes_do_proc(). So my patch should no longer be needed. I'm going
>>> to test this out just to verify if fixes the issue I found.
>> I have verified the issue about the iteration for the revision 0x300
>> generic error data,
>> it works well. it is good that you will verify that in your platform.
> I've verified that this resolves the issue as well! I'll re-test with the next version that adds this usage to cper_estatus_check() and add my tested-by after that.
> Thanks,
> Tyler

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