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    Subject[PATCH 0/9] ASoC: cygnus: Various improvements and fixes
    This patch series contains an number of improvements and refinements
    to the driver. There is also a fix for a problem when transferring
    four or more channels in TDM mode.

    Lori Hikichi (9):
    ASoC: cygnus: Add support for 384kHz frame rates
    ASoC: cygnus: Update bindings for audio clock changes
    ASoC: cygnus: Allow each port to select its clock source
    ASoC: cygnus: Only enable MCLK pins when in use
    ASoC: cygnus: Remove support for 8 bit audio and for mono
    ASoc: cygnus: Fix problems with multichannel transfers
    ASoC: cygnus: Remove set_fmt from SPDIF dai ops
    ASoC: cygnus: Add EXPORT_SYMBOL for helper function
    ASoC: cygnus: Tidy up of structure access

    .../bindings/sound/brcm,cygnus-audio.txt | 70 +-
    sound/soc/bcm/cygnus-pcm.c | 50 +-
    sound/soc/bcm/cygnus-ssp.c | 1336 ++++++++++----------
    sound/soc/bcm/cygnus-ssp.h | 51 +-
    4 files changed, 739 insertions(+), 768 deletions(-)


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