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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] NCSI VLAN Filtering Support
On Fri, 2017-08-11 at 14:48 -0700, David Miller wrote:
> From: Samuel Mendoza-Jonas <>
> Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2017 16:16:45 +1000
> > This series (mainly patch 3) adds VLAN filtering to the NCSI implementation.
> > A fair amount of code already exists in the NCSI stack for VLAN filtering but
> > none of it is actually hooked up. This goes the final mile and fixes a few
> > bugs in the existing code found along the way (patch 2).
> >
> > Patch 1 adds the appropriate flag to the ftgmac100 driver to enable filtering
> > as it's a large consumer of NCSI (and what I've been testing on).
> This patch series does not apply cleanly to net-next, you need to respin.

Sorry about that, silly Friday mistake :)
I noticed I've also squashed an ftgmac100 change into the wrong patch,
I'll fix that up along with the respin.


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