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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC v2] Add /proc/pid/smaps_rollup
On Wed, Aug 09, 2017 at 05:15:57PM -0700, Daniel Colascione wrote:
> /proc/pid/smaps_rollup is a new proc file that improves the
> performance of user programs that determine aggregate memory
> statistics (e.g., total PSS) of a process.
> Android regularly "samples" the memory usage of various processes in
> order to balance its memory pool sizes. This sampling process involves
> opening /proc/pid/smaps and summing certain fields. For very large
> processes, sampling memory use this way can take several hundred
> milliseconds, due mostly to the overhead of the seq_printf calls in
> task_mmu.c.
> smaps_rollup improves the situation. It contains most of the fields of
> /proc/pid/smaps, but instead of a set of fields for each VMA,
> smaps_rollup instead contains one synthetic smaps-format entry
> representing the whole process. In the single smaps_rollup synthetic
> entry, each field is the summation of the corresponding field in all
> of the real-smaps VMAs. Using a common format for smaps_rollup and
> smaps allows userspace parsers to repurpose parsers meant for use with
> non-rollup smaps for smaps_rollup, and it allows userspace to switch
> between smaps_rollup and smaps at runtime (say, based on the
> availability of smaps_rollup in a given kernel) with minimal fuss.
> By using smaps_rollup instead of smaps, a caller can avoid the
> significant overhead of formatting, reading, and parsing each of a
> large process's potentially very numerous memory mappings. For
> sampling system_server's PSS in Android, we measured a 12x speedup,
> representing a savings of several hundred milliseconds.
> One alternative to a new per-process proc file would have been
> including PSS information in /proc/pid/status. We considered this
> option but thought that PSS would be too expensive (by a few orders of
> magnitude) to collect relative to what's already emitted as part of
> /proc/pid/status, and slowing every user of /proc/pid/status for the
> sake of readers that happen to want PSS feels wrong.
> The code itself works by reusing the existing VMA-walking framework we
> use for regular smaps generation and keeping the mem_size_stats
> structure around between VMA walks instead of using a fresh one for
> each VMA. In this way, summation happens automatically. We let
> seq_file walk over the VMAs just as it does for regular smaps and just
> emit nothing to the seq_file until we hit the last VMA.
> Patch changelog:
> v2: Fix typo in commit message
> Add ABI documentation as requested by gregkh
> Signed-off-by: Daniel Colascione <>

I love this.

FYI, there was trial but got failed at that time so in this time,

I really hope we merge this patch.

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