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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 4/4] dt-bindings: media: Document Synopsys Designware HDMI RX
On 06-07-2017 21:30, Sylwester Nawrocki wrote:
> On 07/06/2017 12:24 PM, Jose Abreu wrote:
>>>> +- edid-phandle: phandle to the EDID handler block.
>>> Could you make this property optional and when it is missing assume that device
>>> corresponding to the parent node of this node handles EDID? This way we could
>>> avoid having property pointing to the parent node.
>> Hmm, this is for the CEC notifier. Do you mean I should grab the
>> parent device for the notifier? This property is already optional
>> if cec is not enabled though.
> Yes, device associated with the parent node. Something like:
> - edid-phandle - phandle to the EDID handler block; if this property is
> not specified it is assumed that EDID is handled by device described
> by parent node of the HDMI RX node
> Not sure if it is any better than always requiring edid-phandle property,
> even when it is pointing to the parent node. We would need a DT maintainer's
> opinion on that.

I will change and resend. I also have to fix a kbuild error when
cec is not enabled.

Best regards,
Jose Miguel Abreu

> --
> Thanks,
> Sylwester

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