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Subject[PATCH v2 00/05] Update kernel to latest FMC bus release
The version 2 patch set includes correct From: and Tested-by: entries.

The following patches sync up the mainline kernel's FMC bus with the upstream release tagged v2017-06.

Commits (written by Federico Vaga) have been squashed into logical units.

These patches address kernel bug 195653.

These specific changes have been live within the FMC repo since 2015 and in active use by FMC projects since then.

The patches include 1 bugfix and 4 enhancements:

0001-fmc-remove-unused-variable.patch - remove an unused int

0002-fmc-hide-fmc-operations-behind-helpers.patch - user helper functions to hide internal semantics
0003-fmc-The-only-way-to-dump-the-SDB-is-from-debugfs.patch - use debugfs to dump the device
0004-fmc-change-registration-prototype.patch - add a second prototype for device registration
0005-fmc-carrier-can-program-FPGA-on-registration.patch - permit programming the FPGA on registration

Upstream git repo:

FMC maintainer: Alessandro Rubini <>
Initial approver of FMC: Greg KH <>
Bugzilla assigned to:

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