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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5] Update kernel to latest FMC bus release

Thank you Pat for taking care of these patches.

> Federico Vaga (5):
> drivers/fmc: remove unused variable
> drivers/fmc: hide fmc operations behind helpers
> drivers/fmc: The only way to dump the SDB is from debugfs
> drivers/fmc: change registration prototype
> drivers/fmc: carrier can program FPGA on registration

The main problem with your patches, as submitted, is that they miss
the "From:" line to attribute Federico as author. Then I think you
might add your own "Tested-by:".

I want to ack them but I'd love to run them first to have a second
check. I should definitely manage it in a pair of days
more. Meanwhile, if you want to post V2 with the fixes above that
would be great. If needed, you can write me offlist.

thankyou for your submission and your patience

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