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SubjectRE: [PATCH] wlcore: add missing nvs file name info for wilink8
Hi Tony,

> * Kalle Valo <> [170703 04:30]:
> > "Reizer, Eyal" <> writes:
> >
> > > When working with wl18xx the nvs file is used for defining an alternate
> > > mac address and override the default mac address that is stored inside
> > > the wl18xx chip.
> > > update the structure field with the same default nvs file name that has
> > > been used in the past, otherwise userspace backward compatibility is
> > > broken when upgrading from older kernels, as the alternate mac address
> > > would not be read from the nvs that is already present in the file system
> > > (lib/firmware/ti-connectivity/wl1271-nvs.bin) causing mac address change
> > > of the wlan interface.
> > >
> > > Signed-off-by: Eyal Reizer <>
> >
> > Should we also cc stable? And a Fixes line would be nice.
> Argh this mess again. I think there are few things to consider here. What
> about booting the same rootfs on multiple devices for example with NFSroot?
> Not sure if this really is a regression as we've always had a bogus
> wl1271-nvs.bin in linux-firmware.git. Sure would be nice to fix it,
> but going back to using a generic wl1271-nvs.bin sure does not seem
> like a good long term fix to me :)
A lot of legacy here...
Wl1271-nvs has been used mainly with wilink6/7 and indeed was device specific
Holding calibration info etc.
When they started with wilink8 the device specific configuration that was
Part of it has switched to wl18xx-conf.bin and using the wlaconf tool for setting it.
Also there is no calibration specific info per device with wilink8 so the wl18xx-conf.bin
The only thing left in wl1271-nvs.bin for wilink8 was the mac address override.
There are wilink8 customer using this feature which is the only reason for keeping
This file for wilink8.
So for wilink8 there is really not issue with having the same wl1271-nvs.bin
On NFSroot.

> Isn't the nvs file supposed to be device specific? If so, we should not
> provide it in linux-firmware.git at all because of the issues it causes..
> And since it's provided, how are people supposed to know to remove it
> from their file system and replace it with something board specific?

I think the wl1271-nvs.bin should be removed from linux-firmware.git
For wilink6/7 it is really device specific and for wilink8 if a customer
Want an alternate mac address he can create this file on his file system.

> Maybe add a check to first try to find wl18xx-nvs.bin if it exists (and
> not add it to linux-firmware.git), and if not found, then fall back to
> wl1271-nvs.bin, but only if it's not the bogus generic file.. Produce
> a warning if the bogux linux-firmware.git wl1271-nvs.bin is being used..
Removing it from linux-firmware.git may be better instead of adding an
additional check?
People are already familiar with the wl1271-nvs.bin file as a mean for
Mac address override for wilink8:

so I am not sure that a name change
Here is really necessary and may only create confusion especially for
Customers that already have products in the field and only updating
Their kernel.

Best Regards,

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