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SubjectEarly loading of microcode updates with all firmware
Dear Borislav,

Thank you for recently updating the document *Early load microcode* [1].

My goal is to include all microcode updates from AMD and Intel, as the
image is supposed to run on several systems.

Therefore, I included the files in the initramfs image, under
`/lib/firmware`, and selected the microcode related Kconfig options.

$ grep MICROCODE /boot/config-4.11.7.mx64.161

But, the microcode is not updated. For example, I have to manually run
the command below.

$ echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/devices/system/cpu/microcode/reload

Reading the document, that method is not explicitly mentioned there, so
I guess it’s not supported.

So two question. If I want to add it to the initramfs image, the
document says to prepend the updates. But I am unclear how to create
`microcode.bin` to contain all the files in
`/lib/firmware/intel-ucode/`, and then the ones for AMD devices. Do I
just concatenate both?

Regarding the section *Builtin microcode*, it would be quite cumbersome
to list all the microcode files. It looks like wildcards like `*` are
not supported. At least the build breaks, if `intel-ucode/*` is used in
the prompt.

Kind regards,



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