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Subject[PATCH 00/14] Add QCOM QPIC NAND support
The current QCOM NAND driver only support EBI2 NAND which uses
ADM DMA. The latest QCOM controller supports QPIC NAND which uses
BAM DMA. NAND registers and programming sequence are same for EBI2
and QPIC NAND so the same driver can support QPIC NAND also by
adding the BAM DMA support. This patch series adds the support for
QPIC NAND controller version 1.4.0 available in IPQ4019 and QPIC
NAND controller version 1.5.0 available in IPQ8074.

The kernel MTD tests have been run to validate all these patches
in IPQ8064 AP148, IPQ4019 DK04 and IPQ8074 HK01 boards and all
the MTD tests are passing on these boards.

The QPIC NAND requires the command channel support for BAM DMA
engine and currently BAM engine does not support the command
descriptors so the following patches have been posted for the
same in dmaengine mailing list. The above patches are dependent
upon these BAM DMA patches.

Abhishek Sahu (14):
qcom: mtd: nand: Add driver data for QPIC DMA
qcom: mtd: nand: add and initialize QPIC DMA resources
qcom: mtd: nand: Fixed config error for BCH
qcom: mtd: nand: reorganize nand devices probing
qcom: mtd: nand: allocate bam transaction
qcom: mtd: nand: add bam dma descriptor handling
qcom: mtd: nand: support for passing flags in transfer functions
qcom: mtd: nand: Add support for additional CSRs
qcom: mtd: nand: BAM support for read page
qcom: mtd: nand: support for QPIC Page read/write
qcom: mtd: nand: BAM raw read and write support
qcom: mtd: nand: change register offset defines with enums
qcom: mtd: nand: support for QPIC version 1.5.0
qcom: mtd: nand: programmed NAND_DEV_CMD_VLD register

.../devicetree/bindings/mtd/qcom_nandc.txt | 110 +-
drivers/mtd/nand/qcom_nandc.c | 1114 +++++++++++++++++---
2 files changed, 1050 insertions(+), 174 deletions(-)

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