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SubjectRe: Directly accessing serial ports from drivers w/o TTYs ?
On 26.06.2017 14:51, Alan Cox wrote:


> You can write your own driver for the physical hardware and claim it in
> your driver. Shouldn't normally be needed except for bizarre cases when a
> serial link is used for something very non tty like (eg as GPIO lines).

In my case, it's not really a serial link, but an backplane w/ FIFOs,
which looks like a serial ports to the host (AFAIK, historically coming
from older systems which actually had various serial controllers, eg.
rs232, rs485/mvb, etc). The backplane seems to simulate the lower
layers of an mvb network.

> Otherwise all the low level tty device locking, queues and interfaces
> assume there is a tty_struct attached to it, so yes you need a tty
> struct.

I was thinking about something that looks like serdev from consumer
side, but instead directly works on struct uart_port, w/o actually
allocating a tty (and also the funny things like signals, etc).

> Why do you need to do otherwise ?

Maybe it could offer better performance ?


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