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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/7] Isolate time_t data types for clock/timer syscalls
>>>> The series aims at isolating data conversions of time_t based structures:
>>>> struct timespec and struct itimerspec at user space boundaries.
>>>> This helps to later change the underlying types to handle y2038 changes
>>>> to these.
>>> Nice... A few questions:
>>> * what about setitimer(2)? Right now that's the only remaining user of
>>> get_compat_itimerval(); similar for getitimer(2) and put_compat_itimerval().
>> We do not plan to support these beyond y2038 on 32 bit systems.
>> timer_settime() and timer_gettime() are considered to be replacements
>> for these, respectively.
>> There is also going to be a cleanup of timeval/ timespec/ time_t data
>> types and apis after the new syscalls are ready.
>> At that time I might choose to get rid of these itimerval apis. I'm
>> not sure yet.
> I see that internally, alarm/getitimer/setitimer all use ktime_t, so
> one possible solution would be to push down the use of ktime_t
> into the callers and do both the conversion and range check in the
> user copy function.

Right. This is one way of doing it. I was asking if you guys are okay
with doing this as a cleanup series later or would you like for it to
be part of the current series?


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