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SubjectRe: HPET enabled in BIOS, not presented as available_clocksource -- config, kernel code, &/or BIOS?
On 5/13/17 12:45 PM, Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> That table is not used by hpet_acpi_add; you have to check for the device
> that mentions "PNP0103" in the DSDT table.
> But anyway, as far as I can tell from my own machine, the _CRS in the
> DSDT table never lists the HPET interrupts, and the HPET registration is
> always done by hpet_reserve_platform_timers() in arch/x86/kernel/hpet.c.
> Try adding logging to hpet_late_init() to find out why it aborts.

I assume you mean in kernel source code?

I'm using distro packages for both kernel & Xen -- not DIY building.

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