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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] ARM: dts: nexus7: Add regulator tweaks and wcnss entry to support wifi
On Fri 12 May 14:18 PDT 2017, John Stultz wrote:

> lvs7 {
> bias-pull-down;
> + regulator-always-on;
> };

Looking at the downstream regulator definition lvs7 is identified as
"pll_vdd" - which I believe is what Qualcomm abbreviates as "px". It's
supplied by S4 and as such will provide 1.8V to something. So it's quite
likely that I picked the wrong regulator in the dtsi and that this is
the px supply of the wcnss.

Unfortunately I don't have any 8064 device (with wcnss) hooked up and I
can't find any schematics :/

Would you mind changing the riva-pil vddpx-supply to &pm8921_lvs7 and
give this a spin?


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