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SubjectRE: [PATCH] drivers:staging:wlan-ng:hfa384x_usb: Fixing sparse warnings.
On Fri, 12 May 2017 10:07:14 +0200 Greg KH wrote:
>First off, why the "Re:" in the subject?
>Second, your subject sucks :)
>Try making it a bit more descriptive as to what you are doing, "fixing
>sparse warnings" is very vague.
>On Wed, May 10, 2017 at 03:15:38PM +0200, Karim Eshapa wrote:
>> Change the types of capture header, finally we need the header
>> to be represented in the network byte order as __be..
>> this is a piece of doc that he mentioned it in the code doc/capturefrm.txt
>> You can check
>> uClinux-dist/user/wlan-ng/doc/capturefrm.txt
>> 3. Byte Order
>3? Where is 1. and 2.?

This line is part of documentation mentioned in
the main code doc/capturefrm.txt. 1., 2. exist
in the documentation.

>> All multibyte fields of the capture header are in "network" byte
>> order. The "host to network" and "network to host" functions should
>> work just fine. All the remaining multibyte fields are ordered
>> according to their respective standards.
>> 4. Capture Header Format
>> The following fields make up the AVS capture header:
>> Offset Name Type
>> ------------------------------
>> 0 version uint32
>> 4 length uint32
>> 8 mactime uint64
>> 16 hosttime uint64
>> 24 phytype uint32
>> 28 channel uint32
>> 32 datarate uint32
>> 36 antenna uint32
>> 40 priority uint32
>> 44 ssi_type uint32
>> 48 ssi_signal int32
>> 52 ssi_noise int32
>> 56 preamble uint32
>> 60 encoding uint32
>> ------------------------------
>> and the warnings here fixed
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3514:33: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3514:33: expected unsigned int [unsigned] [usertype] version
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3514:33: got restricted __be32 [usertype] <noident>
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3515:32: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3515:32: expected unsigned int [unsigned] [usertype] length
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3515:32: got restricted __be32 [usertype] <noident>
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3516:35: warning: restricted __be64 degrades to integer
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3517:34: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3517:34: expected unsigned long long [unsigned] [usertype] hosttime
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3517:34: got restricted __be64 [usertype] <noident>
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3518:33: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3518:33: expected unsigned int [unsigned] [usertype] phytype
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3518:33: got restricted __be32 [usertype] <noident>
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3519:33: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3519:33: expected unsigned int [unsigned] [usertype] channel
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3519:33: got restricted __be32 [usertype] <noident>
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3520:34: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3520:34: expected unsigned int [unsigned] [usertype] datarate
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3520:34: got restricted __be32 [usertype] <noident>
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3521:33: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3521:33: expected unsigned int [unsigned] [usertype] antenna
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3521:33: got restricted __be32 [usertype] <noident>
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3522:34: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3522:34: expected unsigned int [unsigned] [usertype] priority
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3522:34: got restricted __be32 [usertype] <noident>
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3523:34: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3523:34: expected unsigned int [unsigned] [usertype] ssi_type
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3523:34: got restricted __be32 [usertype] <noident>
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3524:36: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3524:36: expected signed int [signed] [usertype] [explicitly-signed] ssi_signal
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3524:36: got restricted __be32 [usertype] <noident>
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3525:35: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3525:35: expected signed int [signed] [usertype] [explicitly-signed] ssi_noise
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3525:35: got restricted __be32 [usertype] <noident>
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3526:34: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3526:34: expected unsigned int [unsigned] [usertype] preamble
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3526:34: got restricted __be32 [usertype] <noident>
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3527:34: warning: incorrect type in assignment (different base types)
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3527:34: expected unsigned int [unsigned] [usertype] encoding
>> drivers/staging/wlan-ng/hfa384x_usb.c:3527:34: got restricted __be32 [usertype] <noident>
>> If this patch is fine, can I send the rest of fixes.
>This line doesn't need to be in a changelog text, right? Please fix up
>and resend.

Ok sorry I'm gonna send you the new patch
with descriptive subject.


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