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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] ia64: fix module loading for gcc-5.4
> Starting from gcc-5.4+ gcc generates MLX

How do you think about to omit the plus character?

> instructions in more cases to refer local
> symbols:

I wonder about your choice of a line length limit here.

> That caused ia64 module loader to choke
> on such instructions:
> fuse: invalid slot number 1 for IMM64

Why does it matter to check such a value?

> … That limitation was fixed in linux by

Would it be nicer to write “in corresponding source code by the”?

> Change since v2: checkpatched, fixed typos by found by Markus Elfring

Does this version information contain an unwanted word repetition?
How does it fit to the identifier “v3” in the commit subject?


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