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SubjectRe: 4.11.0-rc8+/x86_64 desktop lockup until applications closed

Michal Hocko wrote on 27/04/17 18:56:
> On Thu 27-04-17 18:36:38, Arthur Marsh wrote:
> [...]
>> [55363.482931] QXcbEventReader: page allocation stalls for 10048ms, order:0,
>> mode:0x14200ca(GFP_HIGHUSER_MOVABLE), nodemask=(null)
> Are there more of these stalls?

I haven't seen the same kinds of logging in dmesg, but a few minutes ago
I did see that the desktop had locked up and after remotely logging in
and doing a kill -HUP of iceweasel/firefox, saw this:

[92311.944443] swap_info_get: Bad swap offset entry 000ffffd
[92311.944449] swap_info_get: Bad swap offset entry 000ffffe
[92311.944451] swap_info_get: Bad swap offset entry 000fffff

I've since restarted that machine, but should it happen again I'd be
happy to run further tests.


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