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SubjectRe: Q. drm/i915 shrinker, synchronize_rcu_expedited() from handlers
Thanx for the reply.

Andrea Arcangeli:
> Yes I already reported this, my original fix was way more efficient
> (and also safer considering the above) than what landed upstream. My
> feedback was ignored though.

I see.
Actually on my test system for v4.11-rc8, kthreadd, kworker, kswapd and
others all stopped working due to the synchronize_rcu_expedited call
from i915_gem_shrinker_count. It is definitly a show stopper for me as
an i915 user.

It was a few weeks ago when you posted. It is a pity the fix was not
merged before v4.11 comes out. I know v4.11 will appear soon. So I'd ask
i915 developers, would you test Andrea Arcangeli's fix and release it as
v4.11.1 as soon as possible?

J. R. Okajima

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