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SubjectRe: [PATCH RESEND] regulator: rn5t618: Fix out of bounds array access
2017-04-16 9:12 GMT+08:00 Axel Lin <>:
> 2017-04-16 0:53 GMT+08:00 Stefan Agner <>:
>> On 2017-04-15 07:52, Axel Lin wrote:
>>> The commit "regulator: rn5t618: Add RN5T567 PMIC support" added
>>> RN5T618_DCDC4 to the enum, then RN5T618_REG_NUM is also changed.
>>> So for rn5t618, there is out of bounds array access when checking
>>> regulators[i].name in the for loop.
>> I use designated initializers ([RN5T618_##rid] = {..), which guarantee
>> that the non initialized elements are zero. The highest element LDORTC2
>> is defined, hence the length of the array should be RN5T618_REG_NUM.
> ok, I missed that. Then current code is fine.
I just realize my patch is wrong due to the use of designated initializers.


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