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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Revert "mm, page_alloc: only use per-cpu allocator for irq-safe requests"
On Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 09:28:33PM +0200, Jesper Dangaard Brouer wrote:
> On Sat, 15 Apr 2017 15:53:50 +0100
> Mel Gorman <> wrote:
> > This reverts commit 374ad05ab64d696303cec5cc8ec3a65d457b7b1c. While the
> > patch worked great for userspace allocations, the fact that softirq loses
> > the per-cpu allocator caused problems. It needs to be redone taking into
> > account that a separate list is needed for hard/soft IRQs or alternatively
> > find a cheap way of detecting reentry due to an interrupt. Both are possible
> > but sufficiently tricky that it shouldn't be rushed. Jesper had one method
> > for allowing softirqs but reported that the cost was high enough that it
> > performed similarly to a plain revert. His figures for netperf TCP_STREAM
> > were as follows
> >
> > Baseline v4.10.0 : 60316 Mbit/s
> > Current 4.11.0-rc6: 47491 Mbit/s
> > This patch : 60662 Mbit/s
> (should instead state "Jesper's patch" or "His patch")

Yes, you are correct of course.

> Ran same test (8 parallel netperf TCP_STREAMs) with this patch applied:
> This patch 60106 Mbit/s (average of 7 iteration 60 sec runs)
> With these speeds I'm starting to hit the memory bandwidth of my machines.
> Thus, the 60 GBit/s measurement cannot be used to validate the
> performance impact of reverting this compared to my softirq patch, it
> only shows we fixed the regression. (I'm suspicious as I see a higher
> contention on the page allocator lock (4% vs 1.3%) with this patch and
> still same performance... but lets worry about that outside the rc-series).

Well, in itself that limitation highlights that evaluating this is
challenging and needs careful treatment. Otherwise two different
approaches can seem equivalent only because a hardware-related
bottleneck was at play.

Mel Gorman

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