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SubjectRe: net/wireless/shipped-certs.c:2:1: error: expected expression at end of input
Dear Johannes,

On 12/05/17 11:31, Johannes Berg wrote:

>>> Ah, here we go - you probably don't have "hexdump" installed on this
>>> system?
>> Well, I didn’t, but got the error, that hexdump couldn’t be found. After
>> installing it, I got the error above, and sent the message.
> Ah, ok.
>> Removing the file `net/wireless/shipped-certs.c`, and building again,
>> fixed the problem. So I guess, the clean-up task(?) in the build script
>> has a problem.
> Did you run "make clean"? I'm not even sure it'd delete the file
> though.

Yes, the target `deb-pkg` does that.

> I suppose if this target fails we shouldn't create the file, but I
> haven't quite figured out how to do that - let me try.

Thank you for looking into this.

>> I do not think, it’s necessary, as I got an error, that the executable
>> is not there. No idea, if it is documented somewhere though.
> Fair enough. I do have a patch to use od/sed so perhaps I'll just throw
> that in anyway just to not require people to install hexdump.

Hmm, my gut says to use `hexdump`, which is clearer, and not some other
`od/sed` which is probably hard to understand.

Kind regards,


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