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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86/AMD: Apply Erratum 688 fix when BIOS

Hello Borris, thank you both. It was about time... Thanks for your effort though!

Ingo is right here any modification must be advertised.

The patch was sent on October but I didn't fell on it until...
yesterday when I saw that it was routed for 3.16!
[3.16,136/204] x86/cpu/AMD: Apply the Erratum 688 fix when the BIOS doesn't

It is already in 4.14.9 and 4.13.11 but not on 4.9 or 4.4 series... Ιs it normal to have the patch included in 3.16 while it is missing both at 4.4 and 4.9?

I still have the damn laptop with my ubuntu installation that had the issues and the custom 4.8 kernel my brother compiled. Unfortunately after upgrading more than 20 official kernels it still suffers crashes :(
Frequent repeatable crashes as I told you back then... Since you didn't want to include the fix on the kernel, there was nothing more to do or say...
I have not used VMs for ages and if I had, I would never run it on this piece of shit... VMs are heavy even for desktops(I have lost a Micron DDR DIMM after running a VM for more than 24hours!)
I can check the opesource VM I have been using as I have kept various configuration files. It will just crash like everything else.

As far my APU is concerned, I haven't tested it yet as it runs kernel 4.4. I will be busy this week but in 10 days I will have free time to test it.
I plan to retest everything...

Unfortunately 16.04 uses 4.4 and the patch has not landed there yet.
My brother has switched to 17.10 but I haven't installed it yet. While intel boxes had issues, our AMD boxes work well with it.
I suppose my laptop will continue to misbehave.
I believe that my laptop will have the same issues with 17.10... I will give it a try very soon.
Debian 8 has 3.16 which will have the fix this week but my brother suggested not to use it.

Does anyone know when it will go to 4.4 series?
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