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SubjectRE: [Bug fix] octeon-i2c driver improvement [2/2]
Hi Jan and David,

Any other comment for these three patches? I sent them separately.
1. [Bug fix] octeon-i2c driver updates
2. [Bug fix] octeon-i2c driver improvement [1/2]
3. [Bug fix] octeon-i2c driver improvement [2/2]

Sean Zhang

-----Original Message-----
From: Zhang, Sean C. (NSB - CN/Hangzhou)
Sent: Wednesday, December 06, 2017 5:51 PM
To: 'David Daney' <>; 'Jan Glauber' <>; '' <>
Cc: '' <>; '' <>; '' <>
Subject: [Bug fix] octeon-i2c driver improvement [2/2]

Hi Jan and David,

For octeon-i2c driver, there has duplicated interrupt disable in octeon_i2c_isr(),
octeon_i2c_hlc_wait() and octeon_i2c_wait(), since octeon_i2c_hlc_wait() and
octeon_i2c_wait() has pair of interrupt enable and disable, so the interrupt disable in octeon_i2c_isr() is not necessary. attached patch removed this unnecessary interrupt disable step.

Please have time to review it. Thanks.

Sean Zhang
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