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Subjectnet/wireless/certs/*.x509 binary files
This is just an FYI/acknowledgment that net/wireless/certs/*.x509
binary file(s) practically kills use of Linux kernel tarballs.

Of course, someone can always enable EXPERT and CFG80211_CERTIFICATION_ONUS
and disable the REGDB kconfig symbols to get around this.
Oh, and then chmod +x tools/objtool/ (unrelated problem).

Then you are good to go. :)

I was getting build errors on net/wireless/shipped-certs.o and the
build log didn't help me at all. It just said something like,
Error: build failed on net/wireless/shipped-certs.o.
Even building with V=1 didn't help.
So I finally discovered the reason and worked around it.


PS: Yes, I know about git.

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