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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] Page Table Isolation (PTI) v4.14 backporting base tree
Ok, so I've pulled the two prep trees, since they are obviously safe
and don't change any code.

I'm going to read through the actual real changes again one more time
today, but as mentioned, I almost certainly won't actually pull them
until after rc4. I'd like to have at least one calm rc here.

But as part of this all, _please_ make these prep pulls actually work
out - even if you end up having more work in the actual x86 entry tree
and the eventual PTI changes themselves, make sure they really are
based on this, and contain no more games. I was already a bit dubious
about the whole "let's cherry-pick and then merge to have a common
point", I'm going to be _really_ annoyed if we then need even more odd
games here.

So keep that common point as the common point, and no more backport
games or odd back-merges.


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