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Subject[PATCH] PCI: designware: add a check of msi_desc in irqchip
Summary: PCI: designware: add a check of msi_desc in irqchip
Reviewers: paul

Upstream Project Name: linux-kernel
Upstream Project URL:
Applies to:
Brief Description: Incorrect mask bits leave device stalled after flood ping.
Will Submit to: shan lai <>,
Origin of patch: Discovered by me while working on common_pc
IP content: None, trivial obvious fix.


this issue is reproduced in imx7d-sdb when running the kdump with pluging Intel 1030 PCI,
the root caused is machine_kexec_mask_interrupts will force to mask every exist irq_desc
include msi irq.

msi irq mask is based on msi_desc, it is bound only in msi irq setup by pci driver.
for others not request msi irqs by pci driver, its msi_desc is null, so crash in

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