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SubjectRe: [PATCH AUTOSEL for 4.14 19/60] Bluetooth: avoid silent hci_bcm ACPI PM regression
On Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 01:55:14AM +0000, wrote:
> From: Johan Hovold <>
> [ Upstream commit 4294625e029028854596865be401b9c5c1f906ef ]
> The hci_bcm platform-device hack which was used to implement
> power management for ACPI devices is being replaced by a
> serial-device-bus implementation.
> Unfortunately, when the corresponding change to the ACPI code lands (a
> change that will stop enumerating and registering the serial-device-node
> child as a platform device) PM will break silently unless serdev
> TTY-port controller support has been enabled. Specifically, hciattach
> (btattach) would still succeed, but power management would no longer
> work.

This one is not needed in stable, which does not have the above
mentioned ACPI change [ e361d1f85855 ("ACPI / scan: Fix enumeration for
special UART devices") ].

The Fixes and stable-CC tags were left out on purpose.


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