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SubjectRe: [PATCH 13/15] arm64: fix mrs_s/msr_s macros for clang LTO
> There's the series from Andi Kleen that enables LTO for Linux on x86:
> It has solved many problems you also try to solve, and some patches
> are looking very similar.
> At now we have different patchsets for gcc and clang, and it would be
> better to have them together. One thing I'm worried is that you introduce
> CONFIG_CLANG_LTO and use it for all cases, including that where more
> generic CONFIG_LTO should be used.

Yes would be good to merge the two. I've been looking at updating
my old one.

I don't cover any ARM code, but lots of generic code. My patches
also worked on MIPS at least.

There's also older patches to enable single-pass-linking for kallsyms,
which is extremly useful for LTO build performance.


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