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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Support resetting WARN_ONCE for all architectures
> And this is getting a bit nutty:
> support-resetting-warn_once.patch
> support-resetting-warn_once-checkpatch-fixes.patch
> support-resetting-warn_once-for-all-architectures.patch
> support-resetting-warn_once-for-all-architectures-v2.patch
> support-resetting-warn_once-for-all-architectures-v2-fix.patch
> support-resetting-warn_once-for-all-architectures-v2-fix-fix.patch
> support-resetting-warn_once-for-all-architectures-v2-fix-fix-fix.patch
> I'll push all this at Stephen later today. Someone please tell me
> whether this code actually works!

Sorry for the trash! Yes this was harder than originally expected.

The original x86 patch was tested. I see Michael now tested
the PPC version too. So everything should be good and hopefully
don't need any more fixes.



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