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SubjectRe: [Part2 PATCH v7 18/38] crypto: ccp: Implement SEV_PEK_CSR ioctl command

On 11/3/17 2:42 PM, Borislav Petkov wrote:

>> + if (psp_master->sev_state == SEV_STATE_UNINIT) {
>> + ret = __sev_platform_init_locked(psp_master->sev_init, &argp->error);
> Right, you're passing psp_master->sev_init (or whatever you're going to
> end up calling it) down but then in __sev_platform_init_locked() you end
> up doing
> if (!data)
> data = &psp->cmd_buf;
> which looks silly.
> IOW, if not really required, __sev_platform_init_locked() could have
> only one argument instead:
> static int __sev_platform_init_locked(int *error)

The cmd_buf argument can be remove. I am have not looked at SEV-ES but
it may be possible that during SEV-ES patches kvm driver may need to
call the sev_platform_init() with different cmd_buf to initialize SEV-ES
states. I can removed it in next version.


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