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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v11 for 4.15 01/24] Restartable sequences system call

>>>       int rseq(struct rseq * rseq, uint32_t rseq_len, int flags, uint32_t sig);
>> Really dumb question -- and one I'm sorry to bring up at the last minute. Should
>> we consider making the syscall name something more generic "register_tls_abi"?
> I proposed that approach back in 2016 ("tls abi" system call), and the feedback
> I received back then is that it was preferred to have a dedicated "rseq" system
> call than an "open ended" and generic "tls abi" system call.

Ultimately I'm fine either way. I do think that in the past few months of review it has become clear that creating this tls abi requires a fair bit of work. It'd be a shame to see a future attempt to use such an ABI made difficult by forcing the author to figure out the registration process yet again. I assume the maintainers of glibc would also like to avoid the need to register multiple ABIs.

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