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Subjectedt-ft5x06 question
Hello everybody,

I'm using ft5206 with edt-ft5x06.c driver,
but what I see is that registers with M09 or M06
seem different from focaltech ft5206

For example, except address 0x80 for threshold register(thgroup),
all the others don't appear:
GAIN 0x30 or 0x92 should be 0x82(thcal maybe?)

Can someone clarify this?

Maybe M06 or M09 are a custom firmware for focaltech ft5x,
then it has different registers?

Thanks in advance and
kind regards to everybody

Giulio Benetti
R&D Manager &
Advanced Research

Sede: Via A. Niedda 3 - 35010 Vigonza (PD)
Tel. 049/8931563 - Fax 049/8931346
Cod.Fiscale - P.IVA 02663420285
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Numero R.E.A. 258642

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