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SubjectRe: n900 in next-20170901
* Tero Kristo <> [171114 19:34]:
> I guess you could just use rx51_secure_dispatcher and ditch the
> save_secure_ram_context call completely (and most of the other related
> code)? That one would handle the cache also in a clean manner.
> Something like:
> rx51_secure_dispatcher(25, 0, FLAG_START_CRITICAL, 4,
> __pa(omap3_secure_ram_storage), 0, 1, 1);

That's different, as rx51_secure_dispatcher does the following:

- Use arguments + 1 instead of 4, we currently use just 4
- Disables local_irq and fiq, we are not doing that now
- Flushes and invalidates cache range, we are not doing that
- Calls omap_smc3 that only does mov r6, #0xff, and does not
do mov r2, #4
- Missing nops after it's done

This just based on a quick look I did earlier. So just
because of the extra work it does we don't want to do it
even if it worked :)



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