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SubjectRe: [intel-sgx-kernel-dev] [PATCH v5 08/11] intel_sgx: in-kernel launch enclave
On Mon, 2017-11-13 at 21:45 +0200, Jarkko Sakkinen wrote:
> This commits implements the in-kernel launch enclave. It is wrapped into
> a user space program that reads SIGSTRUCT instances from stdin and
> outputs launch tokens to stdout.
> The commit also adds enclave signing tool that is used by kbuild to
> measure and sign the launch enclave.
> CONFIG_INTEL_SGX_SIGNING_KEY points to a PEM-file for the 3072-bit RSA
> key that is used as the LE public key pair. The default location is:
>   drivers/platform/x86/intel_sgx/intel_sgx_signing_key.pem

Unless there is some conflict you are worried about, "signing_key.pem" is
preferable as the default name so that the key is ignored via the top-level
.gitignore.  The intel_sgx dir should have also a .gitignore to exclude the
other LE related output files:


> If the default key does not exist kbuild will generate a random key and
> place it to this location. KBUILD_SGX_SIGN_PIN can be used to specify
> the passphrase for the LE public key.
> TinyCrypt ( is used as AES
> implementation, which is not timing resistant. Eventually this needs to
> be replaced with AES-NI based implementation that could be either
> - re-use existing AES-NI code in the kernel
> - have its own hand written code
> Signed-off-by: Jarkko Sakkinen <>
> ---

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