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SubjectLinux 4.14: Reported regressions as of Sunday, 2017-10-08
Hi! Find below my second regression report for Linux 4.14. It lists 8
regressions I'm currently aware of. One regression was fixed since last
weeks report. One was in there that shouldn't have been there.

As always: Are you aware of any other regressions? Then please let me
know by mail (a simple bounce in my direction is enough!). For details
see And please tell me if there is anything
in the report that shouldn't be there.

Ciao, Thorsten

P.S.: Thx to Adam and Igor for pointing me at two regressions they face.
And thx to Yanko for pointing out a stupidity I did in last weeks report.

== Current regressions ==

"hangs when building e.g. perf" & "Random insta-reboots on AMD Phenom II"
Status: "Mr. Luto better revert the new lazy TLB flushing fun'n'games"
-> "Yeah, working on it. It's not a straightforward revert."
Note: TWIMC: Workaround: wrmsr -a 0xc0010015 0x1000018
Reported: 2017-09-05
Cause: 94b1b03b519b81c494900cb112aa00ed205cc2d9

New default s2idle does not work on Dell XPS 13 9360
Status: works fine on several other owners of this laptop; maybe
specific to the variant or the particular machine the reporter owns;
looks related to the storage device used
Reported: 2017-09-11
Cause: e870c6c87cf9484090d28f2a68aa29e008960c93 (assumed)

CIFS SMB2+ combined with pythons xattr.listxattr leads to "IOError:
[Errno 61
Status: no reaction from developers yet; reporter needs to reverify and
poke list
Note: Disclaimer: A regression the regression tracker reported
Reported: 2017-09-26
Cause: 8dc5b3a6cb2f (assumed)

Ath10k disconnects
Status: WIP, recently got bisected
Note: Only happens with some wifi routers; Disclaimer: A regression the
regression tracker reported
Reported: 2017-10-01
Cause: c9353bf483d3724c116a9d502c0ead9cec54a61a

Oops in nouveau_fbcon_set_suspend_work during boot or resume on some
Status: No reaction from developers; ask reporter for bisection
Note: Something specific to ThinkPad W530 and W531?
Reported: 2017-10-02

networking doesn't work in opensuse 42.2 due to apparmor: add base
infastructure for socket mediation
Status: there was a debate if this is a regression or not that faded out
Reported: 2017-10-03
Cause: 651e28c5537abb39076d3949fb7618536f1d242e

nftables oops with 4.14.0-rc3 on arm64 (Rock64 board)
Status: Tested fix:
Reported: 2017-10-04
Cause: 9f08ea848117

WiFi stopped working with 4.14
Status: told reporters they better should bringt this to netdev
Note: maybe these are two different issues; one with rtl8723bs an one
where with 8265 that is related to switching BT on and off
Reported: 2017-10-05

== Fixed since last report ==

stalls, short lived or long lived lockups very shortly after boot.
Status: got reverted weeks ago and I missed it when compiling last weeks
report (sorry!)
Reported: 2017-09-19
Cause: 74def747bcd0

Module removal-related regression
Status: Fixed: 6878e7de6af726de47f9f3bec649c3f49e786586
Reported: 2017-09-09
Cause: 1455cf8dbfd06aa7651dcfccbadb7a093944ca65

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