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SubjectRe: [locking/paravirt] static_key_disable_cpuslocked(): static key 'virt_spin_lock_key+0x0/0x20' used before call to jump_label_init()
On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 09:38:35AM +0100, Fengguang Wu wrote:
>On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 08:47:08AM +0100, Juergen Gross wrote:
>>On 30/10/17 08:35, Fengguang Wu wrote:
>>> On Sun, Oct 29, 2017 at 11:51:55PM +0100, Fengguang Wu wrote:
>>>> Hi Linus,
>>>> Up to now we see the below boot error/warnings when testing v4.14-rc6.
>>>> They hit the RC release mainly due to various imperfections in 0day's
>>>> auto bisection. So I manually list them here and CC the likely easy to
>>>> debug ones to the corresponding maintainers in the followup emails.
>>>> boot_successes: 4700
>>>> boot_failures: 247
>>> [...]
>>>> WARNING:at_kernel/jump_label.c:#static_key_disable_cpuslocked: 7
>>This patch is in the tip tree only, it will be merged in 4.15. So I
>>don't understand why you are reporting this for 4.14-rc6.
>Ah sorry, I simply checked recent bisects for that warning.
>Then I'll need to carry out some new bisect on 4.14-rc6.

As Peter found, it turns out to be a bug in 0day robot -- it stored
some dmesg files to a wrong place.

So RC6 is actually free from that bug. Sorry for the noise!


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