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Subject[PATCH v2 0/5] staging: fsl-dpaa2/eth: Frame buffer work
This patchset does some refactoring in the frame buffer area, in order
for it to be in line with firmware (MC) configuration.

Patches 1 - 2 do some label cleanup and move the buffer layout setup
to a dedicated function.

Patch 3 updates tx_data_offset - the offset for Tx frame buffers - to
not account the software annotation area, since it's already accounted
for by the firmware. This results in slightly less allocated memory.

Patch 4 updates the required alignment for Rx frame buffers, based on
the accelerator hardware version.

Patch 5 configures a headroom in the Rx frame buffers to prevent
netstack reallocations in forwarding scenarios.

Patchset sent against staging-next.

v1 -> v2:
- clarified one commit message
- changed some macros to inline functions
- more comments per individual patches

Bogdan Purcareata (3):
staging: fsl-dpaa2/eth: Don't account SWA in tx_data_offset
staging: fsl-dpaa2/eth: Change RX buffer alignment
staging: fsl-dpaa2/eth: Extra headroom in RX buffers

Ioana Radulescu (2):
staging: fsl-dpaa2/eth: Label cleanup
staging: fsl-dpaa2/eth: Split function

drivers/staging/fsl-dpaa2/ethernet/dpaa2-eth.c | 176 ++++++++++++++-----------
drivers/staging/fsl-dpaa2/ethernet/dpaa2-eth.h | 54 +++++---
2 files changed, 141 insertions(+), 89 deletions(-)


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