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SubjectRe: drm/rcar-du: Use common error handling code in rcar_du_encoders_init()
> Just for the record, I've been bitten in the past by applying one of Markus' 
> patches that seemed to make sense, only to discover later that it introduced a
> security hole.

How do you think about to take another look at the circumstances
under which a questionable commit happened in the referenced case?

A few glitches occur occasionally. They can be fixed by appropriate collaboration.

> I now drop his patches altogether, so could you please keep an eye open
> to make sure none of them touching the rcar-du driver will be applied
> through drm-misc ?

I hope that you can become interested in a more constructive software development
dialogue (also with me) again.

* Can additional ideas be taken into account here?

* Will any other contributor pick related update suggestions up?


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