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SubjectRe: A test of the philosophical impact of what I have been talking about.
Den 10/27/2017 23:28, skrev Ywe Cærlyn:
> Den 10/27/2017 23:01, skrev Ywe Cærlyn:
>> Philosophical requantization of a (atm) theoretical linux distribution:
>> Excellent Ubuntu, is a Good Linux, with a Minimal Jitter Kernel.
>> An Available Source Operating System.
>> Philosophical Lead: Ywe Cærlyn.
>> Desktop Flavour: Customized Gnome
>> Finetuned for fast reponsiveness, and smoothness in operation.
>> Configuration of Kernel, for favoring short buffers, lowest latency,
>> minimal jitter, minimal wasted CPU, max cpu utilization.
>> Perfect scaling, from desktop to supercomputing.
>> Redefined Internet, with the finest philosophy, and correct attitude.
>> Call 999-Excellence for a trial CD... No that we don´t have yet, but
>> how does it sound?
>> Peace,
>> Ywe Cærlyn.
> I have made a good logo
> aswell:
I really believe in this, and what makes this just perfect: Everyone is
their own newsservice, getting their views on for instance, youtube. And
gets the income from this. Which makes a finely granulated internet economy.

A test channel:

Ywe Cærlyn.

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