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SubjectRe: [PATCH v4 02/12] [media] cxd2880-spi: Add support for CXD2880 SPI interface
Hi Takiguchi,

>> If I understand it right, it uses SPI bus also for passing transport stream
>> to the host system (also having some pid piltering inside!), isn't it?
>> It would be interesting to know what is the max throughput of the CXD's SPI?
> Yes, max clock rate of spi is written in sony-cxd2880.txt of [patch v4 01/12].
> spi-max-frequency = <55000000>; /* 55MHz */

Ehh, I overlooked this! Thanks for pointing me out.

BTW, is there any device, preferable some devboard with this silicon
on the market?


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