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SubjectRe: [RESEND x2][PATCH 0/3] dwc2 fixes for edge cases on hikey
On 10/10/2017 1:50 AM, John Stultz wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 2:58 AM, Minas Harutyunyan
> <> wrote:
>> Could you please apply patch from Vardan Mikayelyan "usb: dwc2: Fix
>> dwc2_hsotg_core_init_disconnected()" submitted at 02/25/2017
>> ( instead of your
>> "usb: dwc2: Improve gadget state disconnection handling" and test again
>> failing scenario.
> I may be misunderstanding htings, but I don't believe that patch
> addresses the same issue I'm trying to fix (I've tested with it, and
> it doesn't cause any trouble for me, but it also doesn't seem to
> address the corner-cases I'm hitting).
> My "Improve gadget state disconnection handling" patch handles the
> fact that when we switch from B/gadget mode to A/Host mode, we don't
> always go through a gadget disconnect path.
> So instead of calling the dwc2_hsotg_disconnect() path initially when
> switching to gadget mode (to avoid the state complaining that we set
> it up twice), we should instead be calling dwc2_hsotg_disconnect()
> when we are setting up the A/host mode.
> So for example, the follow-on fix to the UDC state won't properly work
> without my "Improve gadget state disconnection handling" patch, and
> "cat /sys/class/udc/f72c0000.usb/state" will always return configured
> (assuming gadget mode was used once) regardless of the gadget state,
> since we don't actually call dwc2_hsotg_disconnect when the otg plug
> is removed.
>> Other 2 patches from series "[PATCH 0/3] dwc2 fixes for edge cases on
>> hikey" are Ok.
> Thanks for the review/feedback!
> thanks
> -john
Hi John Stultz,

1. Vardan's patch fixing issue when dwc2 switched from host to device
mode. It's allow to make functional device after reconnecting without
tracking UDC state.
2. I suppose that your patch "[RESEND x2][PATCH 1/3] usb: dwc2: Improve
gadget state disconnection handling" not a good way to set correct UDC
state. You added calling device mode functions dwc2_hsotg_disconnect()
and dwc2_hsotg_core_init_disconnected() while core in Host mode and as
result additional unwanted "mode mismatch" interrupts will be asserted.
3. Function dwc2_conn_id_status_change() called when connector ID status
changed. This interrupt asserted only when A-plug connected or
disconnected. Connecting/disconnecting B-plug doesn't assert this interrupt.


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